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Committee Members


Committee Members


Brigid, Lady McEwen


The Countess of Haddington

General Secretary

Iain MacNab

Telephone: 01835 822 741         e-mail:


Iain MacNab

Telephone: 01835 822 741        e-mail:

Concert Secretary

Isobel Lafferty

Telephone: 01835 864 153         e-mail:

Music Advisor

Gina McCormack

Telephone: 07970 804 802         e-mail:


Ruth Johnson

Telephone: 01835 862 585         e-mail:

Minutes Secretary

Graham Watt

Web Designer

Jonathan Lloyd-Platt

Telephone: 07887 655533        e-mail:

Social Media 

Michelle Skotzen

Telephone: 07968 825293       e-mail:


Lady Patricia Glennie